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The Italian city of Florence is historical, artistic and a literary representation of the ever unfolding of European civilization. To visit this great city of Italy is to be immersed in beauty: centuries-old histories have left Florence deeply marked by many periods and many cultures, and its appearance is sometimes still unchanged from those formed by the princes, kings, popes and emperors who once ruled . Affordable Italy offer all-inclusive packages to Rome, Florence or Venice which are the foundation for any trip to Italy.  You may know that Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, but it's not until you're standing in a room surrounded by Botticelli masterpieces, or in awe of Michelangelo's flawlessly-sculpted David, or under the perfection of Brunelleschi's Duomo that you can truly appreciate what that means. Florence is so steeped in art and culture that the city itself serves as a living museum - one so beautiful it's literally been known to make people dizzy. 




Alternating woods with vines and olive trees, Chianti is renown worldwide for its wine and countryside and unparalleled beauty.


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Our unique vacation packages that includes Florence.  Choose between 2 to 9 day tours of Florence and its regions.

Prepare savory genuine Tuscan dishes on our selection of evening cooking class in Florence..


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